Preston - Purgatory (S1) (2020)
Mr Smith - Mahvan Jokate (2019)

About David

Hi, I'm David

I was born on the south coast of England and, from an early age, I always wanted to be an actor (or at least a performer of some kind). With school out of the way, I successfully auditioned for a specialist drama course where I honed my existing skills.


At the end of the course, I joined the ranks of hopeful actors – an experience I hadn’t been taught in class.


Determined to perform in some capacity, I side-stepped into magic (something I’d been doing on and off since I had been a child) I was soon performing a successful illusionist act named Beyond Belief up and down the country. It went through many iterations before finally coming to an end several years later when I moved to Spain for personal reasons.


And that was, apart from the occasional gig or extra work, the end of my performing career – or so I thought.


Fast forward twenty(ish) years to a chance meeting in Armenia with a production company that was looking for a native English-speaking actor for the country’s first horror series Mahvan Jokate. That show was so successful that it caught an international eye and I was recast in (basically) the same role for the US remake – Death Squad – available on the CW Network – and the highly acclaimed series – Purgatory


And the rest, as they say… Well, you know what they say!