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Title: Control Theory

Release Date: 2022-11-07

Summary: A KILLER - A PROFESSOR - A GRUDGE Chased across Europe, a serial killer arrives in town and only one man can stop him. But is Henry Baker the right person for the job? When the niece of an employee at the American Embassy is murdered in the capital city, the local police come under pressure from Katherine Whittaker, the US Ambassador to Armenia, to find her killer. Raul Perez, Whittaker’s right-hand man, and hired muscle John Powell join forces with the local police representative on the case, the somewhat inept Captain Melikyan, and between them, must attempt to recruit the brilliant, but highly abrasive Henry Baker, a somewhat eccentric British professor who lectures criminology at the local State University. With the help of his assistant, Ana Martirosyan, he connects a series of seemingly unrelated murders in the country. Furthermore, Baker reveals the existence of a number of identical deaths across Europe, proving that “The Collector”, a serial killer that Baker has been pursuing for seven years, has finally arrived in the capital.

Book Cover: Control Theory
Control Theory