Title: Polly and the Boggart

Release Date: 2020-02-20

Summary: A TALE OF FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & LOSS When twelve-year-old Polly moves into her new house she gets more than she bargained for. With the help of Mrs Butterworth, the old lady next door, Polly finds herself in a world of Fairies and Goblins, Pixies & Elves and much more. In a race against time, only she, and a mischievous Boggart called Hob, can bring back the Faerie races that were accidentally put to sleep by an ancient spell. Polly and the Boggart is the first in a series of magical stories detailing the exploits of Polly, Hob and the little Boggart's friends.

Book Cover: Polly and the Boggart
Polly and the Boggart

Title: Hob and the Crystal Sphere

Release Date: Information not available

Summary: Information not available

Book Cover: Hob and the Crystal Sphere
Hob and the Crystal Sphere